8 Pax Showed up this morning and survived the Sharknado and endured the Starfish Butthole. Need I say more.Welcome FNG Near Beer!!!

Warm Up- 5:45-5:52
Hot Potato Indian Run
Cross jacks
Imperial walkers
Fazio arm circles
Good mornings

Fence Work 5:52-5:58
5 wall mule kicks
5 decline mountain climbers
5 spider pushup crawl
5 merkins
Reverse bear crawl X3

Tabata 5:58-6:08
Roational dry docksX4

Compass Pushups
Knee PoppersX4

Field work 6:08-6:15
Leaping Lizards with a row
Dirty Crabs

Circle Drill: shuffle right, shuffle left, 54321 prisoner squat/merkin ladder

Mary 6:15-6:25
Starfish butthole/Clockwork Orange/Snow angels/Pickle pounders/Ukranian Hammer, WWII Situps

Announcements and prayer requests: cookout, mule, Possible South Wake County t shirts

Posted on behalf of Hardees