What?  The Mule is an F3 Raleigh annual event featuring workouts at various parks / locations around Raleigh “hosted” by various site Qs (somewhat of a Who’s Who of F3 Raleigh plus me).  You can expect workouts of approximately 20 minutes at a location subsequently running to another location (being purposefully vague here!) for another 20 minute workout then to another location, etc.  We’ll be hitting 5-6 locations with runs of between .75 miles and 1.75 miles between locations.  Expect 8+ miles of running just to get to the workout sites and obviously more depending on what the Qs have in store.  It will be difficult, and that’s the way we want it!  12 year-old 007 did it last year as well as Tooth Fairy in his 60’s….it’s doable!

Where?  We’ll be meeting at the parking deck between Pullen Park and Reynolds Coliseum so that we don’t take up Pullen Park’s entire parking lot.  We’ll then jog over as a group to Pullen where we’ll kick off the Mule.

When?  Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 at 6am.  We’ll leave the parking deck and run over to Pullen (the best of the Raleigh workout sites) for the kickoff, so you should shoot for between 5:30 – 5:45 to make sure you’re there, get stretching in, etc.  The planning committee made sure there were no home football games for triangle teams so you have one less excuse.  Event should wrap up around 10am.

Who?  Open to all pax regardless of location, age, etc.  Seriously, a 12 year-old did it last year…no excuses!  To be inclusive, we’re even planning to have one location Q’d by Adolphus so come out and support your CH brother.

Why?  Because we like CSAUP activities like this.

Other details:  Cost is $0, just show up!!!  We’ll have 2 support vehicles if you were to get tired, injured, or need a break from the running.  Each vehicle will have water and gatorade as well as various snacks.  We’ll also have approx. two 10-minute breaks along the way.  We’re still looking for volunteers to supply bananas and/or oranges as well – see sign-up link below for volunteer opps. UPDATE: We’re probably good on fruit at this point, but feel free to bring energy bars or whatever else you see fit or would like to share (or not).

Please sign up using the link below so we can get an idea of how many will be there for Q planning purposes.  If you end up canceling, no big deal.  We just want to have a rough idea of how many will show.  If you have other questions, please either hit me up on twitter (@94Heel) or post your questions in the comments section so I can edit / update the pre-blast with more details I may have omitted.