Embark on the maiden Q in the right frame of mind thanks to Burt, who wheels in with Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day blasting out.  A good day, indeed.  “No barkin from the dog, no smog, and mamma cook a breakfast with no hog.”  And while Burt’s breakfast was not confirmed the description of his ‘two-cycle’ morning ritual would imply that there might have been, in fact, some hog involved.  Just sayin

A Pax of 12 warm-up with 2 laps around the parking lot followed by:

SSH x20

Mtn climbers x20

Good mornings x20

Sir Fazio’s x20 (with a tip o’ the cap to Denali)

Imperial walkers x20

Jog to field entrance with a few burpees along the way.

4 laps around the field alternating merkins x20 and squats x20 on opposite sides of field at each lap.  Finished the last leg of each lap through the parking lot with:  1st lap karaoke; 2nd lap half bear crawl and half crab walk, 3rd lap backwards run and 4th lap lunges.

Mosey to small hill at basketball court edge and face the fence at the top

Lunge to top, burpees x5, run down, merkins x5, plank.  Repeato 4x alternating lunge and bear crawl on the ascent.

Jog down to area outside tennis court and hit the small retaining wall for:

Step-ups x15

Dips x15

Erkins x15

Enter tennis court and line-up on doubles line for suicides.  At this point Q was smoked and garbled various court terminology attempting to call out the stopping points  “service line, uhh..urr, no, outside line, actually, I mean half-way.”  Many helpful Pax called out for clarification to which YHC replied, “ok, go!”

Suicides x 3 with BallstotheWall and People’s chair in between

Head back outside the court and hit the wall again for:

Step-ups x15

Derkins x 10

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary:  LBCs, Dolly, Low Flutter, Superman hold, Freddie Mercury, WWII and Dying Cockroach x20 each.

COT – Mule Oct 25, best wishes to Cousins and wife on the upcoming new edition.  Close out with prayer.