A PAX of 25 (with no FNGs) came out on a perfect morning for some fun at N Hills. Only one of my fellow follically challenged PAX were there – thanks for posting Gnobby.  With that, here’s how it went.

Seal jacks x 25
Fazio Arm Circles x 20 each direction than x 10 each direction
Good mornings x 15
Mountain Climbers x 25

Run up towards tennis courts – when you get to first speed bump bear crawl to second speed bump then crab walk to third speed bump.  Finish with one lap around upper parking lot.

Run down Sisyphus and go to rock pile.  Grab a rock.
Shoulder press x 20 (pass rock)
Curl x 30
Tricep extension x 20

Run to bridge crossing Crabtree Creek and Bear Crawl across bridge.

Run up Greenway trail to Alleghany Drive.
Jack Webb: 1 through 10.

Looking down Alleghany towards Yadkin there are three streetlights well spaced which served us well for some LBC suicides – Run to first streetlight LBCs x 40 and back; second streetlight 30 LBCs and back; third streetlight 20 LBCs and back.  This was a decent amount of running – probably 1/2 mile total.  Bob Vila and other studs crushed it.

Run down Alleghany to Yadkin Dr intersection.
Nippler Merkins x 20

Run down Yadkin to bridge over Crabtree Creek
Dips x 25
Irkins x 20

Run up Yadkin to next intersection – Freddie Mercury x 30

Run up Yadkin to intersection with Currituck – LBCs x 40

Run down Currituck and back to home base just inside park entrance – American Hammer x 40.

Announcements – Sign up for Mule on Oct 25 – as many have said “if you can do an F3 workout, you can do the Mule.”  I hope it’s true because YHC has signed up.

Prayer Requests – For our brother Orwell whose father passed away yesterday.  Grateful to know Orwell was holding his hand when he passed.  For Manram and others battling injuries.  Hope they recover quickly because we miss them in the PAX.

We covered some distance today.  Everyone did a great job and thanks for letting me Q.

At this point, I would love to be able to write something witty like Captain Kangeroo, Dice or Costco but nothing is coming to mind.  So I will again just thank Tony Robbins for keeping the EH on me last year as F3 has meant so much to me this past 13 months.  Hope we can keep spreading the word.