YHC pulled into the parking circle at North Hills Mall 15 minutes before Q-Up. The cones have been breeding like bunnies. They are everywhere – why are parking spaces blocked off at 5:30 on a Monday Morning….

And the streetlamp is still standing at bent attention. It’s been way more than 4 hours, so it really should be calling a Doctor by now. Okay it’s been 5+ weeks. Seriously. Shouldn’t Bent Lamp Post repair be somebody’s dolphin? Find that person and get them on the task. It’s a strange relationship I now have with that post. I find it comforting to see it each week I Q Monday’s Disabled List. It’s doing it’s job lighting the area even when it’s not in perfect form. It’s dependable. I decided after 5 weeks of jabbing at it that “it” needs a name if I’m going to keep on talking about it. And I’ve decided it’s a feminine persona…. so Streetlamp, your name is “Desire”.


No FNG’s, but a few new to the RR workouts. So the supplemental disclaimer given.

If it hurts, don’t do it, if you think it’s going to hurt, skip it choose another exercise and jump back in with the Pax when you can.

The Thang:

Warm-Up: AstroTurf

25x SSH, Slow Pace
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x Windmill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10x Shoulder Rolls / Neck Rolls
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch

Set One: AstroTurf
25x SSH, Fast Pace
5x Burpees
20x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 40 reps)
5x Burpees
20x A. Hammer
5x Burpees
20x Elevated Crunch
5x Burpees
20x Freddie Mercury
5x Burpees
30 Q Count Plank

Set Two: JCP Fountain
25x SSH, Fast Pace
15x Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 30 reps)
15x Dips
15/15x Step-ups
15x Derkins

20 Q Count Recovery

25x SSH, Fast Pace
10x Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
10x Dips
10/10x Dips
10x Derkins

Set Three: No Recovery – roll right into next exercise, Q push
25x SSH, Fast Pace
10x Carolina Dry Dock
10x LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
10x Prayer Squat
10x Ski Abs
10x Prisoner Squat
10x Elevated Crunh
10/10x Standing Single Leg Twist and Crunch
10x Merkins
10x Reverse LBC (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 reps)
10x Sumo Squat
10x Derkins
10x Low Slow Flutter
10x Alternating Lunges
10x Irkins
10/10x Leg Extension-Crunch

Mary Plank Out
Pax Group Count 20 per stand – Plank, Sarkozy, Plank, Putin, Plank, Chilcut



Cut-Me-Mick – The F3 Connect’s kickoff first meeting is full. C-M-M will report back on the success of his presentation and the networking event. Watch the F3 Raleigh BackBlasts and Twitter @F3Connect for updates

Fridays – Standing Happy Hour at Ridgewood Beer 5:00 or so. Some show early (like 3 pm). Generally around 8-15 F3 Pax migrate in.

Next Recovery Road Work-outs:

Injured Reserve – Wednesday 5:45 at the North Hills Complex – Midtown Amphitheater / Chuy’s Restaurant Grass. Cornholio has the Q (again).

Lame Duck – Friday 5:45 at Root Elementary Lassiter Mill Road Parking Lot. Tin Cup has the Q.

Disabled List – Monday 5:45 at North Hills Mall Movie Theater AstroTurf. Dice will have the Q unless someone wants it.

Prayer Requests:

Dice- Orwell’s Father left us behind on Sunday. Thoughts to him and his family (Sorry I missed this in COT, I had just been thinking about this while on the fountain).

Wonderland – M.Wonderland’s Co-Worker is on her third round in a battle with Brain Cancer. Having to deal with it once would absolutely suck. The third times not a charm. #OneToughLady

Walkie-Talkie – I believe he requested prayers for all the service worker’s and military.

Q Thought of the Day:

It wasn’t really this long when I rambled thru it in COT. No really it wasn’t (I hope).

YHC had a minor epiphany over the weekend.

After a Friday morning workout (Lame Duck), on his off day Dice did the typical honey do chores at home – laundry (4 loads), dishes (dishwasher and put ’em up), fixed a leaky toilet by replacing the tank guts, started organizing for the annual kids Halloween party. M.Dice came home after work and proceeded to zone out in front of the tube, and hit the hay quite early (She had a pretty long week). So I watched the last two “Legends” episodes from the DVR…. it was an okay show, but I doubt it gets picked up for season two. Anyway.

Saturday brought a Dice Q at Catalyst, followed by some participation with the kids homework before lunch, and soccer games much of the afternoon. YHC only had about 2 hours of college football watching time between all of this. And only about thirty minutes with M.Dice to talk (and nothing else) before ZZzzzz.

Sunday brought a bunch of trivial errands in the AM followed by an early afternoon trip up to Camp Kanata for YHC youngest Daughter’s First Y-Guides/Princesses Fall Outing. It was to be an all afternoon and evening affair. Misty wet air, cooler temperatures and a host of 6-8 year olds (mostly girls) running about and screeching for Seven Hours straight. By the time I rolled into the camp parking lot. I was not in a joyful or present state of mind.

Here’s where it starts to come to a point (of sorts).
On Saturday after my Catalyst Q, YHC was walking back to his car chatting it up with Larry David, who was similarly concerned with his over scheduling of life in general. L.D. mans up on the F3 Q’s and helps keep the Third F going with Thirst Quenchers every Thursday at his office. He also has kids in multiple different extra-curricular activities (and coaches some of these) – and I’m sure he’s got alot more going on he doesn’t even bring up. You have to know LD to appreciate that he understates things as much as Dice overstates them.

So we were chatting it up, I had three soccer games to attend (Coach Two/ Ref one and cheer at another), plus getting organized for the party, plus the Fall outing etc etc. LD Had his Saturday scheduled full, a Sunday early morning mini-triathlon for his son, and then he was set to coach his first Basketball practice of the season for his Son’s team just after noon -and then- traveling up to Kanata with his Daughter. It wasn’t really a bitchfest, just a “Man, I’m a dog chasing his tail it seems” talk. Maybe we should be doing a little less. Head nods.

I made the comment about the old saying:
If you’ve got something that really needs doing, you give that assignment to the guy whose plate is full and busiest. You don’t give it to the guy who has nothing else on his plate. Because there’s a reason he doesn’t have much to do.

I thought I was being inspirational. But I complained about the upcoming Sunday anyway.

Sunday rolls around, I’m texting LD because he’s at BB practice and I’m driving to Kanata -“It’s raining”…. “temperature is dropping”…blah, blah,whaa whaa whaa…. LD gets up there about two hours after I do and we are doing the “2 Mile Hike” with the girls and a group. It’s a little muddy, and the hike is sort of a slow march through a well worn trail, starring at the backside of the guys in front of us for thirty minutes. So some mild complaining ensues (Dice talks, LD does his silent nod). We finish up back at camp….about 1/2 way through the required day. And I’m feeling like I’ve done my Dad thing and should be proud of my effort.

….And into the tent pops Tony Robbins (F3) aka Flying Squirrel (Y-Guides)from our tribe….So some chatter goes on….and TR is chipper as usual but perhaps one step slower than his usual Tony Robbins motivational self. Somebody is grilling hotdogs and makes a remark about how he could have made them earlier and we’d have had lunch here… TR says “If you got here any earlier I would have been making Omelets”…. “Oh man, how early did you get here”…I’m thinking he rolled in before noon to help with last minute set up the Y Guide event….”Yesterday, before noon”….”What”…. TR’s older daughter had her tribes overnight camp starting THE DAY BEFORE AND OVERNIGHT and stuck around to do set-up for today’s events…..so he’s been here, in this, with this, for 28 hours straight at this point and staring down another 3+ hours. Whoa. And he just keeps humming along like the energizer bunny.

…and then Costco (F3) aka Running Buck (Y-Guides) comes into the tent full decked out in his Former Chief of the Entire Triangle Region of Y-Guides Tribes…. And there are at least a half dozen other F3 guys in YMCA Leadership / Volunteer type positions in Camp there as well..Similar Stories…And they’ll be doing this like 2 or 3 times during this 5 week span. Okay, so maybe I need to adjust my perspective. Iron sharpens iron. Just as things can always get worse…. I can always do better….do more. You give the stuff that needs doing to the guys who are already busy…. not to the guys who’s plates are barren.

Or as my Grandpa use to tell me….

Do’ers just Do.
Don’ters…they just Don’t.

BOM: Azul took us out with thanks for the opportunity to get together, work out and enjoy our time that makes us better Dads, Husbands, Friends.

– Dice