Today was a sloppy mess.  In a lot of ways.  Thanks for sticking with it.  Hope you got your money’s worth.


Jog down near bball courts for warmup COP: 20 Good Mornings – 10 Windmills – 10 BOYOs

Jog up to top of hamburger hill for: 50 SSH – 20 Squats – 20 Mountain Climbers

Jog down to picnic shelter for dog leg 11’s – Derkins at bottom and BOYOs at top – due to frictionless terrain issues, we quickly audibled the route from dog leg to extended boomerang and continued to completion

Jog over to higher ground for 3 minutes of mary: Rosalita – Dolly – WW2 SU



  • Au Pair missed another workout because he has the sniffles
  • Prayers for Greg (friend of the pax) who underwent emergency heart surgery this week
  • T-Claps to the FNGs Neon and Whippets for gutting it out and to Neon for already HCing for Heavy Metal tomorrow – Life is easy if you live it the hard way brothers (and hard if you try and live it the easy way).
  • T-Claps to @MoneyHose and the beta launch team in Brier Creek hitting double digits today
  • T-Claps to Bob Vila for working so hard at the KB BB pre-workout that he had to leave and go back to bed
  • T-Claps to Munson for keeping his birthday shrimp down (and finishing first)
  • T-Claps to Maize for living out the creed #nomanbehind
  • T-Claps to King David for recognizing that today’s workout was not as hard as it could have been because there was one (1) ten count