Coming to you live from Outpost Brier Creek, it’s Beta III.

2 Brier Creek Veterans and 3 FNGS joined 5 or so general Raleigh denizens for another dabble into the silly nonsense of running around public parks in the pre-dawn darkness.

The Thang:

Run over the river and through the woods around the park and the elementary school to a sweet and well lit parking area.  Warm it up. SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Sir Nigel Fazio OBE Arm Circles (there was a guy named David who used to workout with us; he is nice), King David Kicks (hat tip to everyone’s favorite over-smiler back at the Ball Bearings Mother Ship).

A series of Mericans.  Standard, wide, diamond, standard, Carolina Dry Docks (new to Brier Creek).  A series of leg antics: TARP’s lunge/squat/lunge combination; Air Squats; prisoner squats

Throwback Wednesday: Group 1 Squat Hold; Group 2 run ’round the parking lot island twice; repeato.  Then some merican flashbacks…

Curbside Drop Off (between the hours of 3 and 330): Alternating Left/Right Step Ups; Maize Dips on the curb; ALRSUs; Some weird variation of TARP’s lunge with an airborne switcharoo (I can explain more in person); Maize incline mericans with a weird switcharoo.

TARP leads Mary:  Go figure.  Russian hammers.  Long slow flutters; Hello Dollies; Cannonballs (maybe).

Jog to Pavillion (no ice falls): CK’s Special: ALRSUs; Incline and Decline mericans on the picnic table with an Olympic diving them; Dan Jansens; repeato

Jog to Firing Squad Wall; Group 1 People’s Chair; Group 2 sprint; flapjack; Group 1 B2W; Group 2 sprint; flapjack



  • The solid individuals keep coming out of the workout.  There’s an hidden spring of outstanding FNG names out at Brier Creek.  Apparently, it’s that spring that drew settlement and lead Birkenstock to build the place a few years ago.  Our first 7: Coach Doherty, Birkenstock; Candlestick (it was professor plum in the conservatory with the lead pipe); Kanye (actual reality TV star (so they tell us)); Haggis (he’s a Scot and we grabbed the cliche by the horns); Scruggs (as in Earl); and RonJon (stay with me…he’s from Cocoa Beach).
  • Can’t do justice to how solid all of these fellows are.  It’s like the Carebear Cousins have materialized.  They are similarly situated to the rest of F3 Raleigh, we haven’t known ’em, they show up and absolutely dominate the Sandbox.  Good work men.
  • Wilson was present to talk a little bit about his Master Plan to build a network of F3 sites such that one could walk from the State Capitol to Duke Chapel without leaving earshot of a cadence call and some shadowy figures doing calisthenics in tactical gloves.  #brotherhood
  • Tclaps to Kanye and Candlestick for re-upping after last week. #repeatoffenders
  • Legend is Dial Tone, Track Star, Birkenstock, and several players to be named later, will appear…
  • Immense thanks of your YHC for CK, Tee Square, TARP and Wilson joining the effort.
  • We keep building the community that is common no matter what park you find yourself in while the rest of the world waits on the day.  Stay tuned.