29 Pax showed up a the second Ball Bearings workout of 2013.

First Exercise: Jog around the park and do 100 standard merkins:

20 merkins, jog 200 yards up hill, 20 merkins, jog 200 yards around the house of cats, 20 merkins, jog 100 yards down into the utter darkness of the path by the creek, 20 merkins, jog 100 yards to basketball court, 20 merkins.

Warm up:

SSH x 40, imperial walkers x 20, good mornings x 20, mountain climbers x 20.

Jog up to lower field for single leg burpee sprints:

10 single leg burpess w/ right leg, 60 yard sprint; 9 single leg burpees w/ left leg, 60 yard sprint; 8 single leg burpees w/ right leg, 60 yard sprint . . . . . continue single leg  burpee sprint combo countdown to 1 single leg burpee and 60 yard sprint.

Jog up to stone circle for 6 minutes of mary:

LBCs, rosalitas, WWI sit ups, Russian hammers, freddie mercury, hello dolly, TD curl left, TD curl right.

Leg work on the wall:

Alternating left/right step up x 16; jump up x 10; reverse decline plank 15 count; single leg squat x 10 each leg.  Repeat 2 more times.

Jog to lower field:

Bobby Petrino x 30 yards.


Very strong effort by the Pax.  Got after it today.  Tclaps all around to no complaining.  100 merkins mixed in with a full lap around the park is a new and different pre-warm up.  The single leg burpee sprints were rapid fire and very strenuous.  Good work.  Solid leg work at the end.   Personal highlight for the Q was after the first set of reverse decline planks the Q asked for feedback on the new exercise.  Can’t remember if feedback was given but the Pax continued to sit on the ground and I got to scream “Get up!”  #JVoffensivecoordinator #hookandladderinstallnextweek

Apologies for the delay in getting up the backblast.  I was still tired from the workout and just now able to type.