7 of Durham’s finest PAX arrived before the clock struck 5AM on the top deck of the parking structure.  A light mist provided some added cooling on what would have otherwise been just a blustery day.  Several suggestions were made to go down a level where it might be drier, but these were appropriately rebuffed.  Why, you might ask?  To make it even more completely stupid and utterly pointless, of course.
The Thang:
Arm circles x a few
Windmills x 15
Merkins x 15
Run up the deck – 1/2 high knees, 1/2 karaoke
Knee up merkins x 10
Down the deck – 1/2 karaoke, 1/2 butt kickers
The Great Pyramids:
Rows x 10…1
Decline merkins x 1…10
Side jump lunges x 10…1
Dry docks x 1…10
Side jump lunges x 10…1
Low flutters x 1…10
Backward run up the deck
Burpee pyramid (run two lines, then 10…1)
LBCs x 20
Rosalitas x 15
Dollies x 10
Planks, Sarkozy, Putin x 10 count down the line
I will admit that it was really wet and miserable out there.  Floyd, for one, had to drive home in his wet clothes, then drive back in his work clothes.  This, of course, meant that his work clothes got wet from sitting in the same wet seat.  I feel terrible…really…that I had to hear about it for 10 minutes this morning.  Swamp arse does suck, though.
– tclaps to Kaufman and Lucky Strikes for dominating the rest of PAX on the burpee pyramid, which sucked
– tclaps to Flying J and Schrute for braving the rain with us when I’m pretty sure they didn’t have to be awake for a few more hours
– tclaps to Doogie, back from the dead, or at least back from his two week hiatus from the flu