15 faithful PAX arrived at North Hills on a balmy morning.  Balmy was not one of the PAX.  No Rucks.  No true FNG’s but a couple of North Hills FNGs.  Maize appears from the gloom with the shovel flag, which is planted in the closest yard to the park entrance.  That area of grass will be well aerated for the spring compliments of F3.  Upon hearing, even feeling, Big Sproles’ diesel F350 tanker pulling up, off we go.

The Thang:

Currituck circle warm up jog

11 times each for SSH/Imperial Walkers/Good Mornings/Mtn Climbers

Egyptian Ladders (aka 11-themed Pyramids):

Parking lot for:  Standard Merkin x 10—-40 yard dash—Standard Merkin x 1 (repeat 7 times pyramid style, ending with an 11 count merkin)

Shelter for:  Pyramid to 11 of Dips and Squats (PAX parrot/mimic/taunt QIC as he calls dips/squats)

Rock Pile for:  Grab rock or rocks for pyramid to 11 of Bicep Curl and Tricep Extensions

Tennis Court for:  More Merkins (spiderman, wide, standard and diamond), 11 down to 1 with a baseline to net up/back between merkin sets

Down the Deceptively Long, Really-Steep, Still-Needs-A-Name Hill for: Pyramid to 11 of Lunge Walk and Alternating Putin/Sarkozy, with jailbreak to top of hill upon completion of pyramid (alleged Merlot splash as part of jailbreak)


No Mary.  Not enought time.  Your homework assignment is to find 6 mintues for Mary on your own later today.  Pyramids to 11 of LBC/cannonballs and Freddie Mercury/WWII sit-ups.  Repeat.

COT…..and off to start the work week.


-T-claps to all of the PAX for pushing it this morning.  Wanted to keep things moving, hence only two 10 counts recovery periods, and we did roughly 140 Merkins, 55 Dips, 55 Squats, 55 Biceps curls, 55 Tricep extensions, 55 lunges, all while mixing in some sprints and a painful (for the QIC anyway) run up the unnamed hill.

-T-claps to Money Hose for the 3.5 warm up jog over to North Hills.  That’s not a flat course, either.

– T-claps to Bob Vila, Grounds Crew and Enron for their inaugural North Hills post.  Great to see Bob Vila and Grounds Crew out again.  Always happy to see some of the newer guys coming back.  Enron has been a regular for months, and continues to stay in the front of nearly every exercise that involves running.  Strong.

-Special shout out to Grounds Crew.  Although this Q missed it, there are reports of a Merlot spill on the final hill run.  I’m not sure where the name Grounds Crew came from (I suspect White Shoe had something to do with it), but I hope GC made it into the woods for the spillage, else he may need to head back out to the park and take that nickname literally.  Half Clorox, half water works magic I’m told.

-Spartan Sprint is Saturday, March 23.  Some day soon, perhaps even today, a magic code will be sent to you (if you are on the email list) so that you can sign up.  Put it on your calendar now.  We need a strong showing from the Raleigh PAX.

– 2nd F (Happy Hour) event at the Fox and Hound on January 24