4 pax posted for a nice day, breaking out the summer gear and ready to experience some CORE pain.

The Thang:

Warm up: Lap around park, SSH x20

To the padded area for a spider web with intermittent squats and planks

The wall for a mini ladder of incline merkins with jump ups x 5.

Mary 1.0 Rosa-Dolly x 10, 6 inch x 10, LBC x 15, 6 inch x 10, WWII x 10, 6 inch x 10

Lunge walk to the base of the hill for a half elevens. Squats at the bottom, merkins at the top.


Mary 2.0

Incline plank-merkin crawl up hill, 10 WW2s at the top. Decline plank-Merkin (dank/derkin) to the bottom

More plankarama

Back to the padded area for squat jumps, ascending left right step ups, dips x15, reverse spider web with burpees in the middle.

Squat hold COT.


Welcome to FNG Inmate. It was tough, but you did it and you did well. Keep coming back, it gets better. (note: I didn’t say easier)

T-Claps to CK for posting with his ever mending knee. Go easy today, for tomorrow we post again.

January 24, fox and the hound north hills, second F.