18 PAX for MARTA’s virgin Q. He brought his whole gym to OCL so it was a full body workout for all



Arm circles

Merkin x10

Tom Quixote x10 (aka Abe Vigoda, Old Man Slow Windmill)

Prisoner squat x10

Willie Mays Hayes x10


The Thang:

9 MARTA train stations – 15 rep per station

The Tracks = 15 box jumps in between each station


Prisoner Squat

Carolina Dry Dock

14lb Round Mounds (aka Wall Balls)

20lb Round Mounds (named for Sir Charles the Round Mound of Rebound – rebounding the 20 pounder is no joke)

20lb Barbell Overhead Squat

35lb KB swing

45lb barbell thrusters (aka Simbas)

50lb KB goblet squat

Total of 135 box jumps, 135 reps of various stupidity



Plank while each PAX does 10 merkins in sequence

Rosalita x15

COT: Welcome FNG 2 x 4!