A lovely 60 degree clear morning greeted the 21 pax who descended on the Capitol for this week’s edition of General Assembly.  A couple of FNG’s were present so an official disclaimer was given, not my typical Ice Cube disclaimer for the veterans.


GM x 20, Seal Jacks x 20, Mtn Climbers x 10


Head over to the parking lot between Wilmington and Blount and line up along fence for the Merkin Elevator.  Ground floor x 20 / first floor x 16 / second floor x 16

Time for a Few Rounds with Tyson.  10 reps of exercise at each of 5 island stops (3 down, 2 back):

  • Round 1:  Squat Jumps
  • Round 2:  Merkins
  • Round 3:  Star Jumps
  • Round 4:  Diamond Merkins
  • Round 5:  Burpees

Run to sidewalk on east side of Capitol and find a spot on the curb for the Merkin Wheel.  Start with baby irkin on the curb x 16, rotate 90 degrees right with left hand on curb and right on sidewalk for offset merkins x 16, rotate to baby dirkin x 16, rotate to right hand on curb offset merkins x 16.

Head over to 7-story parking deck on east side of Wilmington St.  Rotate between forward and backward run up the deck, switching at each turn.  At top, squat hold and enjoy the view of skyline while waiting for the six.  Time for Partner Carry Suicides with 3 turnaround points at top level of deck.  About 1/3 through we are approached by parking deck security saying we are trespassing, which brings a wave of relief to the Pax as this set was, sadly, cut short.  Over to the stairwell and down, but each time you see an odd number on the door bear crawl the next flight of stairs.  This was a crowd pleaser as the smell of urine masked with ammonia got stronger as we headed down.  Plank work at the bottom as we wait for six.

Run back to starting point at north side of Capitol by Science Museum and find a spot on short concrete walls.  Dips x 10 / Box Jumps x 5, Dips x 20 / Box Jumps x 10, Dips x 30 / Box Jumps x 15.


LBC x 25, Freddie Mercuries x 20, Hammers x 20.  DONE.


Nameorama.  Welcome to FNGs Spin Class (loves to ride bike outdoors) and Surcharge (works for Etix) via Pantyhose / Encroachment and others.

Announcements – Haven House every other Tuesday night.  Great mission here – let’s get out and support them.  Talk to MacGruber or Franzia for details.  Arena every Friday 2:30pm at Healing Transitions – Maize has the Q tomorrow.

Prayer Requests – for our community in the wake of recent events in SE Raleigh, for David Finch and his family in their recent loss.

Western Stranger took us out with a strong word of prayer.

Thanks to Zima and his bum calf which forced him to turn over his Q duty to me this morning.  T-claps to Quagmire and YKY for their leadership in getting GA up and running. This is a great AO with plenty to choose from – I encourage those who haven’t been yet to try it out.