There was no debating the gloom that awaited us. The fog consumed the track such that the only thing visible were the next few paces; each stride was a test of the pax’s grit, lung capacity, and commitment to the endless pursuit of their self-prescribed… limit.

14 pax gathered at Hi-Fidelity, laced up with a mix of excitement and dread of what was to come. Each man questioning his commitment to this weekly gauntlet; every week is the same, they would push, sweat and swear themselves to a physical and metal edge; that come the following edition, would be reduced to a memory, a laughable recollection of that minor hurdle they strode over week after week.

The Thang…

1/2 mile warm up

Windmill x10
Good morning x11

Mile Repeats was the prescription this morning.
-Each mile was to be done at 30-45 seconds slower than 5K pace or 15-30 seconds
slower than T-Pace
-Admittedly a little confusing, but with only 1 minute rest in between miles
pax were instructed to at the very least, pace themselves.

Pace groups formed and 4 repeats were completed by all.

Strong work by the pax this am. All seemed gassed and thoroughly drenched by the


Good luck to all Mud Run participants this weekend. Always a great event.

Thanks to the prayers and congratulations to YHC’s brother, Sampler, and his newborn
daughter, Charlotte. Both parents and baby are home doing well.

Always an honor to lead you men.