Anchor Down

7 PAX members shook off the weekend with an early morning work-out at Apex Community Park. Let’s see what they did:

– Mosey around the island (2x)

– COP (SSH, Good Morning, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Low Plank Hold)

– Mosey to the pavilion (Dips, LR Step-ups, Incline Merkin, Star-jumps – 15 times each) x2

– Mosey to the tennis courts (11s – Merkins/Star-Jumps)

– Mary (Do it in the middle of the work-out – Confusion) – LBC, Low Slow Flutter, and Dying Cockroach

– 11s (Prisoner Squats/LBCs)

– Suicides x2

– Mosey to the rock pile. Grab a rock. (Curls for the girls, Overhead press, and Back breakers – 15 each) x2

– Indian Run around the parking lot until the bell tolls.


Naked Moleskin:

– An early rain may have deterred a few PAX members from making it out this morning. Luckily, McGruber and Franklin (FNG) are not scared of some rain. McGruber woke up around four to go through his early morning ritual (coffee/paper/solving the worlds problems) and set out to Apex to meet Franklin at the park. Good work McGruber! Franklin, we are here every week. See you soon.

– Nerd alert. I think five of the seven PAX members were at one time accountants. Yikes. What are the odds? What did we talk about? Audit Standards? Let’s never let that happen again. #needmorepaxmembersforAteam

– Surcharge’s toe heeled up nicely. He’s been kicking the dog with all of the UNC football loses. #justkidding I think the dog has run away given the prospects of the remaining season.

– Fresh off the University of Kentucky’s first SEC football victory in three years, GM and YHC were feeling a bit chippy over their Wildcats. Fortunately, Franklin is a Vandy fan so our gloating was well placed.

Announcements: Sign up for the Mule (October 25th).

Prayers: Grease Monkey took us out with a great prayer.

Always an honor to spend the morning with the men of F3,