27 PAX and 2 FNGs this morning at Bond Park for this weeks installment of SNS.  Site historians are checking the SNS books to see if it an official record.  Many PAX arriving way too early, YHC assumes they could not sleep with anticipation.  Disclaimer given and we were off.

Warm-up:  Jog to the community center parking lot for 20 merkins 20 SSH, 10 Good Mornings, 20 Plank Jacks, 10 IWs, 20 Merkins, 20 Mtn Climbers.

The Thang:

7’s across the parking lot.  Burpees and hand release merkins.

Partner up on the way to the rock pile and get a non-traveling rock.

Lazy Dora – Each team does
100 Rock Presses
200 Rock Curls
300 Rock Squats
Other partner is BTTW, then people’s chair, switch each time.

Return rocks to the pile.

Back to the parking lot for more 7’s, this time squat jumps and star jumps.  Facing the same direction the entire time, so backwards run back up.

Billy Run, The LONG way, around the building and back the parking lot.
No time for Mary or Callie’s girl Dolly.

Noted in no particular order the exercises done while waiting for the six at various times throughout the workout:  plank, merkins, mtn climbers, CDDs, plank jacks

COT – Count 29, name-o-rama.
Prayers/Praise – Prayers for M Chinese Downhill as she recovers from surgery.
YHC took us out.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.