Mr. Hand rolled out the Gunny Hartman KB workout a couple of weeks ago at [redacted], inspired by the character Gunnery Sergeant Hartman portrayed frighteningly well by R. Lee Ermey in the Stanley Kubrick’s film Full Metal Jacket.  That set was most unpleasant – ergo, it had to be repeated.  So YHC blatantly ripped off my fellow Cheeser’s recipe and served it up hot to a 12-pack of pax at The Blitz™ this morning.  Consider yourself flattered, my friend.


Grab your bell and mosey down to the basketball courts for SSH’s, IW’s, GM’s and Windmills


The Gunny Hartman – consists of switching among the following 3 basic elements with KB exercises added in:

  1. When Q says “On your feet”, stand upright holding your bell over your head
  2. When Q says “On your face”, get in high plank hold (no bell)
  3. When Q says “On your six”, drop to 6-inch leg hold while holding bell at your chest

Pax completed four rounds of the above with the following exercises added to the mix (as best I remember):

  • Round One:  skull crushers, standard merkins, curls, tricep extensions
  • Round Two:  goblet squats, single-arm chest press, iron ball squats
  • Round Three:  ‘murican hammers, wide-grip merkins, overhead press
  • Round Four:  Bell BC’s, two-arm chest press, squat hold with bell overhead

After each round of the above, pax does single-arm KB farmer carry to far end of the courts and completes a set of an exercise, then farmer carries back home with opposite arm and completes another set of the exercise

  • Round One:  two-armed swings x 20 at each end of court
  • Round Two:  alternating one-armed swings x 20 at each end of court
  • Round Three:  single-arm shoulder press x 10 at each end of court
  • Round Four:  two-armed swings x 20 at each end of court

Finish off with a quick plank set.  Done.


Ephesians 5: 1-2:  Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.


  • Strong work by a crack unit this morning, despite some misplaced references and quotes from Gomer Pyle, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Stripes.
  • Coffeeteria discussion centered around the 90’s era Flowbee and spray-on hair infomercial campaigns.  Shocked those products did not have more staying power.  Gnard’s absence from the workout was purely coincidental to the timing of this discussion.
  • 3rdF dinner benefitting Neighbor to Neighbor, Thursday, November 3.  Register here
  • Pig Pickin’ this Saturday, North Hills Club.  Read all about it here. Sign up and pay Epoxy ASAP or we’ll be eating Smithfield’s takeout on the picnic tables at North Hills Park.
  • Pepe shared rumors of another walk-about with oil lanterns and bookbags happening at end of April 2017.  It should be noted this conflicts with Bedbug Awareness Week, Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and National Princess Week celebrations, so Deliverance and I will have to miss as we will be at home observing those important events with our families.


  • Pergo and MPergo on imminent arrival of Pergo 2.0
  • Flood victims and ongoing recovery efforts
  • Candidates for office (and all of us who will be governed by them)

As always, an honor and pleasure.  Aye.