20 PAX ventured out to FOD since the polls weren’t open yet.  Many mentioned voting right after YHC’s beatdown so let’s make sure they are good and stanky in line…

Probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen at a morning circle up happened today.  Check the NMS for the deets.  It’s worth it.

1 FNG got the disclaimer after YHC got his name right after multiple attempts.  As I said, “we are not professionals”… let’s go


  • Goood mornings (10), Hill Billies (15), SSHs (20), Merkins (25)
    ^  Note to YHC, copy this for #TheStandard Shut-In Warm Up


  • Bipartisan (Partner) Up
    Slower guys find the faster guys to partner.
  • Leapfrog sprint the lightpoles with Pulse Its while you wait for your partner to run ahead
    Demonstration was on point if you ask me
  • Giant Parking Lot work
    • Run the giant parking lot with one partner leans left and one leans right, meeting in the middle or crossing the isle depending on your speed.
    • Low plank while partner plank jacks x10 (flapjack)
    • Run back the way you came and meet back at the start for a set of exercises (flutter until everyone is back)
      • 10 Burpees
      • 15 Jump Squats
      • 20 Merkins
    • Do this 3x rotating the count on each exercise which got us to:
      • 45 Burpees, Jump Squats, and Merkins total.
  • Indian Run to rock pile
    • 25 Rock things that were supposed to go to 45 but man that was boring and the Pax were hating it…OMAHA!
    • P1 run the parking lot  /  P2 Shoulder Presses AMRAP
  • Basketball Court Sprints
    • P1 Bear Crawl down Sprint back /  P2 People’s Chair  (flapjack)
    • P1 Sprint down and back  /  P2 PC Right leg up
    • P1 Sprint down and back  /  P2 PC Left leg up


  • Announcements
    • Ma Bell’s email about FUMC Event
    • Sputnik’s dad’s service at FUMC Friday @ 3
    • Krispy Kreme Challenge, why not
    • Franklin’s son’s awesome feat for charity, check Twitter
    • We need Qs!!!
    • We should have a Christmas Party announcemnt whenever Riptide decides to post.
  • Prayers / Praises
    • Um, the country.  Unity and a bright future.
    • Traveling pax


  • Franklin and Shut-In are huggers, get over it.
  • So we went in for an amazing movie-esque hug but it was actually a pretty solid failure, no lie.
  • At which time MeatCants and Meat Bell decide they are going to show us how to bro it up.
  • On three the two white boys “sky” into the air for a chest bump.  McCants, just off the “LR”, in midair hits his stomach to Ma Bell’s chest and I’m now expecting Ma to end up on the IR…
  • McCants lands clean and Ma Bell lands less clean, one step back and quickly to his back.
  • It was Brotastic
  • Bruh, ever heard of Stephen Tulloch?  I was sure #NCState$%*@ was about to drop on us, you got lucky.
  • #Respect
  • I thought today’s FNG wasn’t an FNG and his F3 name was “Layered”.
  • Nope.
  • He was an FNG and his hospital name is Laird.
  • “We are not professionals.”
  • Shoulda named him Layered…
  • His names Kilmer so I won’t mess up anymore.
  • So today’s Easter Egg was the number 45…since today we elect President 45…fyi
  • Great to see Banjo this morning!  2-hr delay is to thank.  And America too I reckon.
  • Great to see GTL too, once I saw him 20 mins in.  And Khakis before 0545, nice!
  • Franklin likes to yell at people in the COT.  2 days in a row now.
  • Do we need to have a F3 Safe Space on each AO Campus?
  • #Millenials.
  • Lulu is too nice.  I barely hear anyone ever say “HATE” to him.
  • Guys, it doesn’t really mean we HATE him!
  • Unless you say it to Callahan.
  • #MicDrop