Today is election day. How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to choose our leadership. Tasked with the responsibility of leading this group for only forty-five minutes, I was reminded of the MTv campaigns for “Rock the Vote.” OK, so that’s what we’ll do. Find some rocks.

Warm Up: Good Mornings (cadence 11), Side Straddle Hops (cadence 20), Imperial Walkers (cadence 20), Merkins (cadence 15), Plank Jacks (cadence 20), Mountain Climbers (cadence 20), jog down the greenway… over the bridge… to the parking lot… to the pile of rocks.

The Thang:

Grab a rock; doesn’t matter how big or small, you won’t have it long. Find a partner; doesn’t matter how big or small, you won’t have it long. Partners line up across the middle of the parking lot, with their rocks, facing one another. Greet your partner.

Rock down. 5 burpees oyo

Rocks up. Rock press (cadence, a bunch). Rocks down, run away from your partner for a distance of two light posts, do 5 merkins, return, whichever partner returns first holds plank, when the second partner makes it back each partner does 10 partner durkins. When done, each pax holds his rock above his head until all pax complete. Rocks down – rotate to your left around the linear circle – greet your new partner – time for another exercise.

This meet and greet continued around the circle. After each rotation, each pax greeted a new pax to start the day. Each greet was followed by an exercise. We did multiple rounds of a rock press, rock curls, rock rows, rock squats, and triceps extensions… each followed by a “run away” to the second light post with five merkins. After several rounds of partner durkins upon the return, we transitioned those into WWII partner sit-ups, and then to partner high-five merkins.

Watch out for the cars. Put your rock back. Back to AO.

Jog half way back to the AO. Squat hold. T-pace second half to AO. AMRAP Squats until ‘6’ was in. 10 burpees oyo. American Hammer (cadence 25).


Announcements: 1) 11/17 at the Alley. No sign up necessary… it is being advertised that Ms are welcome. Advertised.

2) F3 Whiteville (pronounced Wide-ville) launches its first post on Saturday. Orwell must be sewing seeds.

3) Waldo may still be lost after Saturday’s Oak City Marathon. #WheresWaldo.

Prayers: For our country and for tomorrow. Costco led us out.

>>>Thanks to all those who posted and for the opportunity to Q a great group. -Hh