Just because the Durham Dirty Dozen gets all of the attention doesn’t mean the men of The Vortex can’t turn their legs into spaghetti. Selfishly, having burnt out my arms and shoulders at Devil’s Ridge-Merkin Monday, YHC decided today’s focus would be “Legs and Lungs”.


SSH x 25

Imperial Walker x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10

Windmill x 10

User’s Choice Leg Stretches

The Thang

PAX completed a one mile run (4 laps around both fields), with 5 tuck jumps OYO after each lap. Upon completion, PAX lined up against the fence in the low hold squat position (this might have been a mistake, especially for the early finishers, given the next circuit).

Next, PAX lined up on the end line to complete the following:

  • Lunge Walk to half field
  • Complete 5 squat tuck jumps
  • Sprint to the opposite end of the field
  • Complete 5 (5 each side) jump lunges
  • Sprint back across the field to the starting line
  • Upon completion, PAX would plank, and then low hold plank for a 10-count upon everyone’s completion.

Completed the above two additional times, increasing exercise reps to 10 and 15.

PAX lined up against the fence to complete one legged squats, with a sprint across both fields between sets. It went like this:

  • 12 right legged squats
  • Sprint across two fields and back
  • 12 left legged squats
  • Sprint across two fields and back

Finally, to round things out, PAX ran another mile (4 laps around). This left no time for Mary.

Thanks to all for coming out on this chilly Election Day and welcome to FNG Pi!