With a new or tying site record at Hi-Fidelity, 14 pax set off for some simple, effective left turn repeats.

The thang…

The pax did 10 sets of 400m repeats with 2:00 min rest in between each one.

The original instructions were to do them at I-pace(slightly slower than your mile test pace), but everyone, YHC included, ended up at R-pace(actual mile test pace). Strong work by all

Lap times ranged from 1:15 to 1:40, with everyone keeping a consistent pace throughout.


Welcome Hi-Fi FNG’s Darby and FTC. Not sure if anyone told you this was a running workout, but glad to have you regardless. Both of you killed it.

T-Claps to Au Pair for passing YHC on the cooldown lap after the thang. #smallvictory’s

-Convergence Sat. at Pullen… Pre Ruck before at 6:15

-Tarheel 10k coming up. Sign up.

Closing Prayer

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  • Friar Tuck also reporting in. I may have been obscured by the cloud of BenGay coming off of Myrtle! #humanbreathmint

  • CK is the missing one. I realized I was running 1:24 pace on my splits, this is great because I used to run 1:30 on my splits. measureable improvements.

    For reference, that pace is 24 seconds off a 6:00 mile. While I could have pushed it harder, doing 10 repeats was not worthy of going up a gear or two.

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