Warm up:


stretch out the legs after the stair climb yesterday.

2x Inchworm into merkin followed up with “world’s greatest stretch” (hamstring, quad and back)

Short hops over sidewalk crack: front to back (20 sec), side to side (20 sec), alternate “skiers” (20 sec).

The Thang:

light run to first bridge and frog hopped across,merkins on the other side and moved on to the parking lot

Paired off for partner suicide run and Mary of choice then switch 2x. Moved into piggyback ride suicides.

Circled up, rock in hand.

5x military press Рpass rock to the left. Finish after you get your own rock back  5x bicep curl, pass to the left then 5x triceps, pass to the left.  Ended circle with hand on rock merkins x 20

Suicides into 11’s (burpees/WWII sit-ups) though cut short due to Raleigh’s finest waste management folks.

Run back to base for Mary with diamond merkins along the way


hands and knees: left arm forward, right leg back and hold, switch x4

end with Guantanamo