Another steamy day greeted the PAX who came to Cletus. Our numbers were low. The 9/11 stair climb had left several PAX limping. Yosef and Lipton ran a pre-workout jaunt and were ready to roll. Prior to our launch there was some discussion about prepping for the Mud Run coming up soon, so YHC decided to throw in a couple items we don’t usually do. When the appointed time came, we headed off.

Run to parking lot on the other side of the soccer fields for a warm up of:
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Windmills x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 x 10

Step over to the loop for the String of Pearls (Part 1) which included sprints and:
Plank Windmills
Russian Hammers
Carolina Dry Docks
Parker Peters

Partner Carry and Bear Crawl to the Play Ground for PBJ:
One partner does Pull ups and Jumping Lunges while the other Bear Crawls the length of the Playground. Flap Jack. Repeato.

Yog over to the outfield fence for a little low obstacle climbing. Over and back.

Return to the Soccer Field Loop for String of Pearls (Part 2)
Side Sumo Squats

Close it out with a run to the Parking Lot for Mary (Led by Lipton
Box Cutters x 20
Dying Cockroach x 20
Cannonballs x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
LBCs x 20


There were a couple bicyclists that were riding a loop in the park.  We had to get out of their way at one point.  And during the String of Pearls part 2, they had to get out of Lipton’s way as he ran right past them.  The man is a running machine.

It’s been a big week in F3Nation with the BRR and F3Raleigh’s 9/11 stair climb. Some of the PAX were feeling the pain of their activities, but all pushed through. It continues to be an honor to be a part of, and to lead, this group of men.