The dirty dozen showed this morning out in the gloom to punish our bodies and bond at Baileywick. Juggernaut keeps rolling along three and a half months in and getting stronger as we go! This time we were joined by a strong FNG of only 9 years of age. He held his own just fine and earned one of the coolest names I’ve heard.


Warm up
SSH X 20
Mountain Climber X 20
Slow Merkins X 10
Imperial Walker X 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 20 forward and reverse
Good Mornings X 20

Mosey up the hill through the woods (Watch out for roots…it’s dark out here!) to the field.
Partner up and work the cones. Wheel barrow, bear crawl, crab walk, lunge walk, and partner carry back X 4.
Still partnered up, one man runs the length of field, other does merkins amrap. Switch and repeat with burpees.

Mosey down the hill to the rock pile. Pass rock to the right (to keep you honest).
Curls X 10
Tricep Ext X 10
Shoulder Press X 10
Bent over Row X 10

Mosey down the greenway with your rock. Pass rock to the right and repeat. After a third set of exercises with rock mosey back to the rock pile.

Mary – Protractor then 10 degrees for a 10 count all around.