This morning was the kick off of a new safer trail run location for the F3 PAX in Raleigh.  After weeks of injuries at Umstead we finally decided to go to a safer place- hello Lake Johnson.

4 of the brave and faithful arrived at 5:40 and figured out what to do.  As none of us have ran the course before, we took it slow.  Lake Johnson has a great 2.9 mile paved loop around the lake which includes some medium level hills between miles 2 and 2.5.  The best part is the downhill followed by the flat bridge run at the end.  A great opportunity to work on speed!

Today was a single lap finished in 29:48->36:10.  We finished with a great Money Hose bag of stretches and then some Merkins, SSH, Walking lunges and Planks.

As this is paved the whole way and not very dangerous or hilly, we can go faster.  I smell a double lap coming on for the first heat and maybe some speed work at the end on the nice bridge.

Even thought it was raining the whole time we were out there, the tree cover kept us dry and the rain kept the temperatures down.