The Thang:

Trying to prove himself on the first day as QIC, Wonk arrived early in the gloom to map out the pain. It started with a non-fellowship paced run to the nicely soded traffic circle where Wonk explained that the morning would consist of a lot of running interrupted by a series of descending merkens and ascending squat-jumps. so the Pax followed as such:

10 merkens



9 Merkens
1 squat jump (hold the squat for the cadence)

run…you get the picture.

Along the way we did a few quickies with Mary (Rosalitas, Hello Dollys, six inch leg holds, LBCs, high planks…)

after the last of each Merken, the PAX grunted as Wonk ordered that they hold in the low plank for various counts. After the first five sets of the Merken/Squat-Jump combo platter, to throw some joy into the pain, he ordered that they hold the last merken in a Chinese Throwing Star (spread your arms and legs so that your body resembles a star, but hold yourself off the ground low plank style)

after 1.6 miles, the group, pressed for time, sprinted back to the original circle to finish the gloom, once done, they ran back to point A with a combo of butt kickers and high knees.

Money Hose finished with stretcharama.

Total Mileage: 2.14

The cool air made the running much easier, but the mileage covered was disappointing (2 instead of 3.5). We shall increase the speed as we move forward. The PAX hear that the boys in Charlotte have a special workout just for stretching. In Raleigh we call that Yoga and we will have no part in such nonsense.

T-claps to Money hose for larry birding the last sprint.

T-claps to the PAX for working on slow and proper merkens. may you feel it later.