The formula for today’s pain involved a few random things to do and a lot of digging deep to keep going.


SSH x25, Windmills x15, Merkins x15

Robert Plant the stairs x3

50 Walking lunges at the bottom of the stairs.


Jog to the playground for Mary:

20 counts each of: flutter kicks, leg hold, LBC, rosalitas, froggies, freddy mercury


Jog to the Amphitheatre for the AMRAP of the day:

7 minutes of: 10 burpees, 10 walking lunges, 10 jumpups (16″ bench)

– The PAX did between 2.6-5.3 reps of the AMRAP.

SSH x10


Jog to the upper road/parking lot for some 100 yard sprints.

split into two heats for: 2x fast pace, 2x race pace, 2x sprint pace

Plank-O-Rama: 20 counts each of: High Plank, Putin, Sarkozy, Chilkut, High and Lows


Jog back to the playground for Mary (yes again):

20 counts each of leg hold, Russian Hammers, Peter Parkers, LBC




tclaps to our two new FNG’s who hit it strong and kept up with the PAX

tclaps to White Shoe for not blasting Enya as he pulled into the parking lot

tclaps for Wendell Gee for moving back to Raleigh and attending F3 again

tclaps to Chong Lee, BAM! and Weight Watchers for being the fastest sprinters

The AMRAP really wiped out the PAX, then to the sprints and we were all feeling the pain.  Since the AMRAP was 7 minutes it was realistic for the PAX to push hard the whole time, that really required some mental focus.

Double dose of Mary today was fun, nothing like a Mary led by Moniteur, but we are working on it.