Today was another dark morning, with only a few PAX rolling out of the fartsack.  Our second outing on the trail around Lake Johnson and we felt like old time pros.  2.9 miles, 111 ft elevation gain, not too difficult.  While nobody mentioned anything about going faster, today was measurably faster than last week.

For reference, last week we ran the trail in 29-35 minutes, this time we pulled it off in 23-27.  What is even better is that Howard who usually leads off in the fellowship pace 5 minutes before the race pace finished before the race pace!   Howard who runs a 10-12 minute mile depending on his pace almost hit a 9 minute mile today.  That is reason enough to celebrate.

After the run, we had plenty of time left and delivered some pain:

High plank hold, Sarkozy, Putin, High plank hold

Squat then walking lunge x20

Frog Hops x10

Merkins x20

Peter Parker, Parker Peter x12 each

SSH x15, Imperial Walkers with high knees x12

High knees/Butt kickers

Diamond Merkins

One other thing…just can’t remember

Stretch-A-Rama led by Money Hose


tclaps to Howard for posting a 9 minute mile pace, I knew you had some speed in you

tclaps to T2 for coming back after a week vacation and posting sub 8 minute miles on his first time running the trail – in the dark with no lights

tclaps to Money Hose for posting late and finishing in a 24:00 time.