5 Pax arrived and were quickly awaken by the cool temps and notice that Howard had fallen off a ladder this weekend while caulking his screened in porch.  Thankfully Howard only had a few scrapes and bruises from the fall.  Bret Michaels couldn’t have been more of a Punk when he announced we’d be doing a Burpee Ladder for our workout!  I mean “Come on Man!!!”  The whine was loud and the work out was vicious…

The Thang

Warm Up- Run around the Track, Side Straddle Hop X 25, Imperial Walkers X 25, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 10, rotate, X10, Good Mornings X20

Burpee Ladder- Burpee Basic X15, Burpee Mtn Climber X14, F3 Burpee X 13, Burpee Jacks X12, Burpee Jump Tuck X11, Burpee Planks X10, Burpee Double Jump X 9, Star Jump Burpe X 8, Burpee Something X7…  X6…  X5…..  X 1 you get the picture it sucked…

Suicides X 6 on the Tennis Court

Mary- WWII Sit Ups X 25, Hello Dollies X 25, Windshield Wipers X 25, LBCs X50, 1:00 Chillcott Plank

COT- Key West said F3 Dads was awesome!  Howard asked that we Pray for him and his family as they have their Final Interview for the Missions Group they’re hoping to work with.  Howard took us out in Prayer.