There was a chill in the air reminiscent of recent months in the gloom. 11 brave PAX assembled for the early morning news courtesy of your humble correspondent and field reporter, Les Nessman. As always, no turkeys were injured this morning.

The Thang

Warmups- Mosey over to the tennis courts. SSH x25 Imperial Walkers x20 Good Mornin’s x15 Plank jacks x20

Grab a rock, a partner and head to the line.

  • Partner 1- Suicides w/ your rock, Partner 2-Curls – Flapjack
  • Partner 1- Suicides w/rock, Partner 2-Shoulder Press – FJ
  • Partner 1- Suicides w/rock, Partner 2-Tricep Extensions – FJ

Say goodbye to your rock, mosey to picnic tables. T-Claps to Friar for his ambitious rock selection.

  • Partner 1-Prisoner squats AMRAP, Partner 2- Dips x15 – FJ
  • Partner 1-LBCs, Partner 2-Jump-ups x15 – FJ
  • Partner 1-6in leg hold, Partner 2-Irkins x15 – FJ
  • Partner 1-seal jacks, Partner 2-Dirkins x15 – FJ

Head to the ramp by school. Wheelbarrow the ramp, switch. Two circuits

Mosey down to the track. Burpee tag with your partner. Partner 1 takes off, Partner 2 burpees x5, catch up to partner, he drops for burpees x5 while Partner 2 keeps running. Continue until you’ve made it around the track x3.

Finish up on the hill. Bear crawl to top x2. Sprint to top, 10 merkins. Repeato x9, x8, x7, x6, x10. Squat holds in between.

Mary: LBCs x25, American Hammer x20, 6in leg hold- 7 counts by the PAX (twice around), WWII situps x20


  • Expansion week. Ethanol launches Wed. at 5:45 Williams Park. Juggernaut Fri. 5:45 Baileywick Road park. Wilmington launches this Saturday.
  • Prayer requests: Cornholio’s friends daughter Georgia, has Leukemia. Starting treatment this week. Pray for healing and the family
  • Healing for ManRam’s M’s sinus infection
  • Friar Tuck’s dad has surgery Wednesday to remove a cancerous spot on his bladder

Higgins prayed us out. Welcome to FNG Dangler! Nice work this morning by all.