Starting 3 mins ahead of schedule, the exercises were as follows-

Warm-up: 20x good mornings, 20x step ups, 10x mountain climbers, 10x merkins, 20x LBC

Tha thang: jog a lap from the park to Fayetteville street and back. 20x LBC, 20x step ups, 20x LBC. Jog another lap, head to the parking deck beside marbles. At the bottom: 20x LBC, 20x Russian Hammer, 20x LBC, 20 sec 6′ leg hold, 20x mod. Imperial Walker, 20sec calf stretches. Jog to the top of the parking deck- plank until all arrive. 20x LBC, 20x Russian hammer. Run down to the bottom. Plank at the bottom until all arrive. 10x Merkins, 20x russian hammer, 20x LBC. Run to the top of the deck. Jog back down. 20x LBC, 10x Russian Hammer, 20sec 6″ leg hold.


Moleskin: Sign up for the mule in late October. See Epoxy for deets. You can still sign up for the mud run 10/4 as well- catch Gnard Dogg.

Metamorphosis Kujo's lead