Happy Birthday to #Hi-Fidelity as we celebrate a year of bringing speed (and hills) to the Raleigh Pax.  14 men attended to the VSF, as we descended the stairs onto the Martin MS track for a repeat performance of the workout that started us out last July.

During the workout, we saw the usual gang with yoga mats, but no dog this week.  We also had a fly-by in the Chong Li direction of several faster X chromosomes.  They eventually found the conventional direction and put several fast laps on us.  Finally, two gazelles that started with invisible shirts took to the track at the end of our workout.  Humidity must change the locals…

Several newcomers were indoctrinated into our methods and madness this morning, with mumble chatter from Au Pair as always.  After 2 warm-up laps including high knees, butt-kickers, karaoke both ways, and two stride accelerations, we gathered in the familiar circle for Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 16, and Windmills x 20.  YHC was suffering from lack of rhythm (as usual) this morning, so the counts and the movements were hardly in sync.

The Thang:  the 200-400-800 Pyramid

  • 2 x 200 with 200 recover, 2 x 400 with 400 recover, 800 with 400 recover, 2 x 400 with 400 recover, 2 x 200 with 200 recover.  All runs @ R-pace.
  • R-pace is “mile race pace” or approximately 30 sec mile faster than 5k pace.  The PAX needed to do their own math to determine target times for the 200, 400, and 800 … or they could just make it up as egos allowed.  As all three distances are supposed to be at the same pace, this can be a challenging workout.
  • My targets for time were 200 – 40 sec, 400 – 1:24, 800 – 2:50.  Looking back to a year ago, I ran this workout with times of 200 – 46 sec, 400 – 1:30, 800 – 3:08.  Improvement due to iron sharpening iron.  You make me better.  Thanks for coming along the way.

We closed with a count off and name-o-rama. And Au Pair led us in prayer.

  • Prayers go out to the Fortier family after Anne Fortier’s lost battle with ALS.  Anne will be missed.  The family needs strength and support as they move on with life without her.
  • Prayers to several other members of the PAX and their family as they deal with loss and the impacts of illness and injury.
  • Next Hi-Fidelity Mile Test is scheduled for 8/19/2014.
  • Weekend running options abound pre-Pullen, Sunday AM at Umstead, and Sunday afternoon at North Hills Park (Sisyphus Repeats).  Look for a pre-blast at a Twitter near you.