3 strong pax braved the humidity to tackle the Vortex.

The Thang:

Warmup: SSH, IW, arm circles, windmills, Willie Mayes Hayes, merkins, mountain climbers.

Quick jog around the field.

Suicide Ladder:
Run from the end line to the goal line and do 1 Merkin, ten back to the end line for 2 merkins, to midfield for 3 merkins, end line for 4 opposite goal line for 5, back for 6, opposite end line for 7 back for 8. Plank it out.
2 more sets of those except replace merkins with burpees and LBC’s.

Usain Animals: Usain bolts with a set of best crawls and crab walks instead of sprints.
Rest of the group did burpees, SSH, dying bug, Apollo Ohno, Merkins, Willie Mays-Hayes.

Line jumps:
Everyone stand by a line and for 10 cadence counts jump:
Forward and backward
Side to side
Straddle hop over it

5 sets of line jumps with a 10 count of jumping up and touching your knees on the last two sets.

4 minutes of Mary:
25 cadence counts of Freddie Mercury
15 cadence count LBC
Circle of planks for 1:30 (mixture of regular and each side)


– Brogue continues to come out, work hard, and inspire. Keep it up!
– Strong work by Assisi today too (as usual)

(posted on behalf of T.I.)