13 Raleigh pax were good enough to let Coco and YHC guest-Q at True Grit this morning. Given the number of fantastic features at Shelley Lake conveniently located a short distance from the parking lot and with only 45 minutes to work with, we decided this would be a nearly run-free beatdown. With the proper blue #F3ChapelHill SF planted and the pax assembled, we were off – about 20 feet, to start.

The Thang:

Circle up on the open side of the parking lot for the warmup:
– SSH x 20
– Arm Circles x 10 each way (5 small, 5 big)
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Willie Mays-Hayes x 15
– Good Morning x 10
– Mountain Climber x 20
– Slow Merkin x 10

Recover on the short jog to the open field (the one with pull-up bars)

The Pullups Two by Two:
Pax get on a line, first two sprint to the bar and knock out 10 pull-ups (assisted as needed by partner) and then sprint back to the line. Next pair goes, and so until complete. While waiting, the rest of the pax completes Q-called exercises. Among others: Carolina Dry Dock, Shoulder Press, Wide-Grip Slow Merkin, Froggers, Regular Merkin, Sunrise, Plank-o-Rama, T.I. Jump-Knees, etc.

Recover on the even shorter jog to “that hill” (very steep embankment, tall wet grass and all). Run/slide to bottom, select a rock from the pile and circle up.

The Rotating Circle of Pain, With Rock:
First two men sprint up that hill and complete 5 burpees, then run/slide back down. Next pair goes, and so on until complete. While waiting, the rest of the pax completes Q-called exercises (with rock). Among others: Curl, Overhead Press, One-armed Squats, Merkins (one hand on rock), Curl-and-Press, Arms-Out Squat, Bent-Over Row, etc. After each exercise, the pax rotated one space, just to make sure everyone got a taste of the boulder some he-man selected.

Recover on the very short job back to the parking lot for Mary: Russian Hammers, LBCs, Peter Parkers, Heels to Heaven, etc.


– Tclaps for having us out men, hope to see you in the Churham gloom soon. (Churham schedule here).
– Keep Grillz and his family in your thoughts as they grieve the loss of his father in law, a kind and decent man and public servant. YHC was lucky enough to know & work with him, he’ll be missed.
– The Mule is coming up on Oct. 25, mark your calendars. Coco and YHC will be there, hopefully along with a good Churham contingent.