Today, 23 Pax took it back to the basics. As seen on F3 TV, Dred shows the proper way to announce an exercise and lead the Pax through it (in the search box on, search for “TV how to count”), so YHC dolled out exercises to the Pax for proper cadence counting. Each time it was not performed properly, a foul was called. Roy Williams called upon YHC for his first solo start at The Forge and he fouled out in the first quarter. Each foul was penalized with 2 burpees in the end.

The next exercise is …
Starting position
In cadence

The Thang

Jog 3/4 lap around the lake for warm-ups:
Good Mornings
Sir Fazio Arm Circles
Imperial Walkers

Jog up steps / muddy knoll to the rock garden for:
Tricep extensions
Rock press – up / out front
Rock pass to the right x 25

Mozey to top of the half-pipe for:
7’s – merkins at top / prisoners squats at bottom
Finish at bottom with plank-o-rama
Ladder crawls up other side of half-pipe
– run to cone, bear crawl down x 2 cones

Proceed to Pullen Pavillion for:
Alternating L/R step-ups

Jog toward Carousel
Robert Plant the steps

Proceed to stage for Mary:

Foul count = 10, so 20 Burpees OYO

Welcome FNGs Yow and Stipe. Also welcome to Big Mean from CLT and the young-guns preparing for school football.
Cee-Lo closed out in prayer.