So I’m a day late on posting the 7/22 workout. It was a busy day. Today I find myself with an extra 30 minutes because the chief is fussing at the residents instead of giving a leadership talk.

Yesterday’s posting was interesting. We were supposed to have a FNG who didn’t make it (damn). Instead, there was a walk up FNG who heard about us from his brother in Pennsylvania (yay). Once Griswold rolled in, we were ready to go.

Warm Up
Jog 100 yards and back
Windmills x 20
LBAC forwards and backwards
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20

The Thang:
Jog to the corkscrew. Run down each level and do 10 Merkins (4 sets total)
Once at bottom, Walk lunge up one level, sprint up one level, sprint down one level, 10 Carolina Dry docks.
Do this all the way up (4 sets)

The peoples chair (The guys needed to sit down and catch their breath)
arms out with 30 second count

Run to the Ye old yellow wall
2 sets of
10 derkins
15 Dips
10 step ups or box jumps (your choice)

LBC x 30
Heels to Heaven x 20
6 inch leg raise x 45 count
Hello Dolly x 15
Russian Hammers x 20

Welcome Snow Plow (because he likes to snow ski). Good work on your first time out. Keep it up
Doogie was in the “OR” again. No Seinfeld, Luck Strikes or Flying J. The watch continues