Light jog around back lot
20 SSH, 20 GMs
Fazio Arm Circles 10F/10B
Daisy Pickers 20
Stretch Right leg over left, left over right

Main Event:

Kettlebell Farmer Carry starting at back of lot to middle. Kettlebells left behind at middle. Butt kickers to starting point. 7 marked parking spaces, skipping a space in between made the perfect workspace to perform Build-a-Bears. In the middle of each marked parking space, 5 PAX performed a merkin adding 1 with each space up to 7 to complete the circuit. Reunited with kettlebell, PAX performed a series of 5 kettlebell exercises- (15 reps each) Swings, Goblet Squats, Squat Thrusters-both arms, Clean and Presses-both arms, Wood Choppers-both obliques.

Recover with a Farmer Carry of Kettlebell to end of lot and a John Cusack Kettlebell return to midpoint. Kettlebells left behind with PAX performing Frankensteins to starting point.

2 more Build-a-Bear Circuits performed with same 5-part kettlebell routine (Round 2 x 10reps), (Round 3 x 5reps). Returned kettlebells to start point.

Crazy Ivan ended with a burpee-inspired rendition of the ‘97 classic- “Tubthumping” (27 burpees with SSH and Squats mixed in)

Light jog to tennis courts to join Cletus for Mary