11 Pax started this lovely morning by running 2 plus miles.

Welcome new FNG Suave!!!  — Don’t ask me to say his name anymore.


Slide Rule, Buford, Chips, Emeril, Pikachu, Lip Stick, UTI, Roger Roger, 187, Mookie, Dawgpound

The Workout:

This was my year anniversary doing F3.  The goal was to do a run centric String of Perls workout since that is the norm at Paradise City.

Start running from the Basketball Courts to the Top of the Ramp.

13 Fazio Arm Circles Forward
13 Fazio Arm Circles Backward — Top of Ramp

13 Cotton Pickers
13 Good Morning — At Corner

13 Dirkens
13 Dips — At Railing

13 Merkins
13 Deep Squats — Bottom of Ramp

13 Balls to the wall
13 Box Jumps — At Top of Ramp

13 Hand Release Merkins — At Corner

13 Burpees — At Basketball court

13 LBCs — Bottom of Ramp

13 Step Ups Each Leg — Top of Ramp

13 Pickle Pounders — At Corner

13 Star Jumps — At Basketball Court

13 Merkins — At Bottom of Ramp

13 Balls to the wall — At top of Ramp

13 Lunges Each Leg — At Corner

13 Dips — At Railing

It was decided for time to skip the exercise at the bottom of the ramp

13 Frog Jumps — Top of the Ramp

It was decided to go back and pick up the 6 at the bottom of the ramp

13 People Chair — Bottom of the Ramp

13 Merkins
13 Sumo Squats
13 Deep Squats (I may have skipped this. If I did everyone owes me 13 deep squats)
13 Homer to Marge
13 LBCs
13 Peter Parkers

If you have done the math we are at 364 reps: 28 * 13.  Thus we needed one last Burpee for 365 (Days in a year).  During EC it was plan that “The Man” was going to be the last rep, but one Burpee sounded good enough.

1 Burpee — Basketball court


Little Girl Avery.  She’s a 5 year old girl going through her last days due to a Brain tumor.
Sausage Party’s Son who injured himself this weekend


Esphesians 5:25