EC – 187 great work getting out there early

Better late than never – Brony comin’ in hot to join the plank/bear crawl line

As I rolled up on the lot a bit early there were 2 cars parked. 1 was 187 who as out getting some strong solo EC to make up for a couple down days dealing with the non-flu crud making it’s way around town. The other was one of those modern vans plastered with advertising ironically for some sort of a fitness company that appears to advertise they will come to where you are and lead you through a workout. I expect they ask people to pay for their service. Driver was not around but we tool advantage of a recruiting opportunity and an F3 sticker was placed on the windshield. I love supporting small and local businesses, but even more, I love getting kick ass workouts (and much more) with F3 – free of charge.

Started with 10, added one as Brony rolled in better late than never. Some general agreement that winter is starting to take a toll on the PAX but it was a really nice morning once we got moving.

On the jog around the soccer fields then to circle up in the lot for warmup as follows: SSH IC x30, Good Mornings ICx20, Fazio Arms ICx15 front/back

Lined up to open with plank/bear crawl Indian Run for 2 bear crawls per man, then up in line for Indian Run down to Optimist Farm Rd.

Brony led us for a quick 5 count burpees to make up for being late, then we recovered with a 10 count squat hold, 10 count squats, 10 count squat hold and 10 count squats

Back on run the entire length of entrance road to Middle Creek Park Ave. PAX went at strong pace and as you reached the end circle back to pick up the 6 until we all finished the run together. Got a bit scattered but all knew well enough to meet back at shovel flag. As I was last man to run back in I was pleased but not at all surprised to find the PAX in a strong plank hold.

We hit the soccer field and partnered up for a long wheelbarrow to midfield with a plank hold and 10 count squats to recover, then switched up back to the start line. On the jog we hit each corner of the fields stopping for merkins x20, x15, x10 and x5 with different guys stepping up at each corner to take the count. Back to the line we did a repeat of the wheelbarrows.

MARY was fast moving with some sets of shoulder taps, merkins, LBCs, pickle #ers

Countoff was 11 #HIM


Announcements – start posting with $1 for Breach for mission22, look for more info on BRR, get ready for Mule with working out options for clown car (Breach and M4L need to talk)

Prayer requests: DB mother-in-law, Brony’s family for loss of his aunt, Crablegs as well as all unspoken

YHC took us out in prayer

Thanks to all who posted this morning. This is a time of year when it’s real easy to let yourself slip a bit and for some of us real hard to keep the momentum. Support each other throughout the week. Consider just reaching out to someone you haven’t seen in a few days, and when we post let’s keep the energy up.