Colder weather blowing back in required a little more layering this AM in the gloom but YHC was excited to get some work in the moonlight. YHC got to his car going to the AO only to find 1 mile later that there was a flat back tire. Circled back to the house to trade out for the M’s Swag wagon and grab the shovel flag and flew to the AO to find Village, HardHat, and Labrat ready to go!  Ruckers (Village and HardHat) joined us for a brief warm up and then split directions.

Jogging Butt Kickers, High knees, Carioca left and right with high knees, Open gate/close gate hip stretch, backward jog each 40 yards.

The Thang:

Labrat and YHC took off with the plan of getting some miles in and preparing for RRR starting 2/1/18.  Mosey to Lake Benson Park with the head lamps shining bright. Once we got to the Park entrance the fun started. Magic Number 14 for…..14 turnovers by UNC during the NSCU game.  As coach would always say “You gotta squeeze the orange!”  I was a man of my word and did the 25 Burpees Saturday to pay for my #BurpeeGamble.  Still can’t believe they let it slip away.

14 reps of the exercise listed every street light

Squats, mosey, Lunges (both legs), mosey, SSH, mosey, PlankJacks, mosey, Mountain climbers (L leg only), mosey, Squat Jumps, mosey, Partner Merkins, mosey, Smurf jacks (squat jacks)

YHC and Labrat decided from there to Mosey through the rest of Lake Benson Park circle around White Deer Parkway and back around to Aversboro Rd to the flag.  Walk during the ice patches and quick mosey the rest.

PAX mileage 4 miles

Ruckers marching back as we finished up as well for COT/BOM: Village prayer for upcoming surgery, Labrat prayer for continued guidance and future plans, YHC M’s grandma having radiation.

RRR starts tomorrow! Join a team or support one! Sign up for Blue Ridge Relay Teams!