As I was leaving the house this morning, my cell phone rang. Who could be calling at 5:15 in the morning?  I had to answer. “Wake County Schools will be on a 2 hour delay.” Two hour delay? Seriously? I looked outside. A little rain. Nothing more. I doubted it would keep the PAX from posting. Sure enough, 12 braved the brutal weather for an old school beatdown. Yep. Tires and hammers. Here’s what went down.

Mosey to center of park for a little warm up

Warm Up
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 15
Windmill x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Fazio Arm Circles x 20
Swiss Merkins with hammer x 15

Mosey around lake to Goose Poop Island

Goose Poop Set
360 Right x 20
4×8 Lunges Right x 20 (hammer left shoulder)
360 Left x 20
4×8 Lunges Left x 20 (hammer right shoulder)
Tire Squat Press x 20
Tire Slams x 20

Mosey to bottom of hill by tennis courts

Partner Up

Hill Set
Partner 1 barbarian squats
Partner 2 run up hill with tire – tire Burpee Press x 10
Partner 1 thrusters
Partner 2 run up hill with tire and hammer – tire slams x 20
Partner 1 hammer flies
Partner 2 run up hill with tire – tire Burpee Jump Overs x 10
Dips x 20
Derkins off tire x 10
Dips x 15
Derkins off tire x 10

Mosey up to road and around park back to parking lot

LBCs x 20
Freddy Mercury x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 20
American Hammer with hammer x 20
Have a Nice Day!


Krispy Kreme Challenge Sat Feb 3 at 7:30am – Ambassador meeting at Pullen at 6:45
Mule March 10 at 6am – sign up Google – link through Twitter

Prayer Requests
Fazio recovering from back surgery
My mom has late stage Alzheimer’s and my dad has recurring prostate cancer that has spread to the bone
There’s another one I forgot but will add when I remember.

Gaines took us out with a great prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!