With some of the Raleigh Pax at the first edition of Late Night and some nursing a hangover, 17 showed up at Flood Zone ready to go

The Thang… (nearly a #sadclown if it weren’t for Denali)

Mosey to bus stop
10 count standard merkins
5 count wide grip
5 count diamond

Bent Jacobs up ramp
2,4,6,8 burpees at top
2,4,6,8 merkins at bottom

Mosey back to the cars

Regular 45…

Mosey to 3rd level
20x SSH
20x Standard Merkins

Over to Ramp next to Bus Stop (Said ramp needs a name if any pax have suggestions)
First Set of 11’s
Start with 1 Merkin at top/10 Jump Squats at the bottom

Mosey to Restaurant Parking Deck
Second Set of 11’s
Grab a Partner
Start with 10 burpees at one end of lot, 1 merkin at other
Alternating partner carries from one end to the other

Mosey back to the cars


-Strong work by all. YHC hope’s you’ve come to expect a burner at Flood Zone and feel shorted if you don’t get it. It’s always an honor to lead.
-Not sure where time went this morning but all YHC could fit in was the two 11’s. Maybe some time was wasted in the unnecessary explanations of 11’s.
-Denali has the Q next week. He hates 10 counts.

-The EARlY 15. YHC would like to see more pax come out for the full hour. We all know you can do the regular 45. Never be afraid to push yourself. DO NOT SETTLE.

Prayers for Deliverance’s father, Defrense, and all those unspoken.

YHC’s message: Never be afraid to ask for help. We all need it sometimes.

Closing Prayer by ManRam