Great work today by six PAX, and a special welcome to Wolf Run newcomer, New Mexico.  Hopefully a few more new faces will come out to the Wolf Run and join us now that the weather is getting warmer (but it certainly wasn’t warmer this morning).

Fannie lead us in a killer warmup:

Run to the Field
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Sir Fazio “Arm Twirls” x10 forward (Munson Note: Fannie referred to Sir Fazio Arm Circles as simply “Arm Twirls,” and the PAX laughed (WITH Fannie, not at Fannie, of course)).
SFAT x 10 reverse
Alternating lunges x 20
Mountain Climbers x 15
Carolina Drydocks x 15

Fannie passes the torch to Munson.

Run towards Centennial Pkwy, with a sprint along the way.  Continue run down Centennial to Achievement and stop at fields:

Sprints (4x), Karaoke (2x), Sprints (2x), Shuffle (2x), Sprints (1x).

Run to pier, with some Lunge Walks along the way.

Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees (3x).

Run back to home base, with some Dips along the way.

Two minutes late (sorry Fungo), so no time for Mary (sorry Fannie).

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