8 PAX braved the sticky humid mucky morning in Fuquay for a workout that led us back to a Hill we had managed to steer clear of for nearly 5 months.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Jog down to the play ground, SSHs X 25, Imperial Walkers X20, Standard MerkinX 15, Good MorningsX15

Mosey on over to the play ground equipment where we broke into groups of 2 with 4 stations 2 Rounds 10 of each exercise in round 1 and 15 in round 2.

-Pull Ups , Dips, Durkins, Irkins, Mary of Choice

Run up to the Hill for a Jacobs Ladder- there’s no room for Burpees at the top so we did them at the bottom.  Started with 10 but Q decided to bounce back down to 6 on round 2 all the way down to 1.  This was a killer!

Mary- WWII Situps x 25, LBCs x 30, 6 inch Leg hold X 30, Rosalittas x 25, Hello Dollies x 25, Homer to Marge x 25

COT- Mud Run October 4th get on it!  Mule check the site.  Prayers for Hush Puppy and his family.

Howard took us out!