Since I missed all the fun at last week’s inaugural FZ race, we have another edition in store. Same type of format. Pick a partner or post and partner up. One ready to roll at 5:25 at the normal spot for a short warmup. The plan for this week is as follows:

After warmup we’ll jog to the base of the big outside ramp
-with your partner, run up to the crest of the ramp. 20 partner derkins, run back down same side. 20 standard merkins. Run back up top and flapjack the partner derkins.

-run down the other side of ramp, 15 star jumps. Bear crawl up to crest of ramp. Run down same side, 15 star jumps. Run down closest stairs to ground level.

-Cross Crabtree Creek, run up mini Edwards Mill to service Rd and across the bridge that goes over Crabtree Valley Ave and puts you out on top of parking deck outside of men’s Belk entrance. Do 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 squats. Run to stairs closest to the big ramp we were on earlier, go down and repeat the Edwards Mill, bridge, burpee/merkin/squat loop as many times as possible until I call time at 6:08. Run back to “base”. Team with most loops under their belt wins. I’m cheap, so prizes will consist of a pat on the back and leading a round of Mary.

***the Edwards Mill Rd referenced isn’t the one that intersects Glenwood at the north end of the mall. The one we’ll use is behind the mall. If you Google Crabtree, it’s pretty easy to see the loop we’ll run.