With the VSF planted, 16 grizzly Pax mustered on this crisp fall August morning to take on the pain from Heavy Metal and Friends.  Disclaimer: we are not professionals, and if you feel you are doing something that is not safe to yourself or others, you should stop. i.e., follow the “reasonable man” rule – it seemed to pass with the lawyers, so let’s go.


  • Follow Money Hose around the park, and circle up for:
  • SSH x 25
  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Mericans x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20


Pax team up in pairs and then divide into two groups to tackle the following circuits, with Partner 1 working while Partner 2 conducts Mary of choice (except at noted stations):

Circuit #1:

  • Mama Junk Hop Complex x 2 (2 sledge hits, jump up, in, up, and out of Mama Junk, 2 hits, jump sequence back, 2 more hits)
  • Jack Webb x 7 (both partners working)
  • Sled push x 2 (w/ 45 lb. plate)
  • Dead-hang pull-ups x AMRAP with Chin-ups AMRAP kicker (both partners working)
  • Zercher squats x 10
  • Half lap around park

Circuit #2:

  • Curtis P x 5 (hang clean, lunge, lunge, push press = 1 rep)
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder x 15 with El Jefe or 55 lb. kettlebell (both partners working)
  • Scotty Bobs x 10 (i.e., Merican, single-arm row combo)
  • Heavy bag carry/pull across park
  • Gun show x 20
  • Half lap around park

Pax completed ~2 cycles through each circuit.  Mary credited for time already served.


  • Good work by the Pax today — the weather definitely helped the energy level, but this was a heavy workout.  Way to power through.
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  • Prayers are with Flatline’s friend in need of physical therapy – if interested in helping, please see Flatline.