In the arctic chill of the August morning, 8 faithful posted to see what this kid(YHC) might have in store for them. Numbers were few, but morale was high thanks to the break from the stifling humidity of late. It’s YHC’s opinion that workouts have been on an upward trend of intensity, with each Q dragging out every ounce of strength each pax has to offer. This theme wasn’t going to end with me…

The Thang…

Warm up lap through park, up glen eden dr, down edwards mill, back to parking lot.
(Significantly faster than fellowship pace)

SSH x 25
Windmill x 15
Standard Merkin x 20
Diamond Merkin x 10
Burpee’s x 15 OYO

Jog to Rock Pile, Grab medium rock

Bicep Curls x 20
Shoulder Press x 20
Tricep extensions x 20

With your rock, Jog to soccer fields

Each exercise WITH YOUR ROCK, done between soccer goals
-Sprint to opposite goal, 10 Jump Squats, Sprint back
-Gorilla Walk(still with rock), 10 Jump Squats, Sprint back
-Sprint to opposite goal, 10 Jump Squats, Sprint back
-Lunge walk to opposite goal, 10 Jump Squats, Sprint back

Repeat- with 15 merkins substituted for each set of Jump Squats.

Jog back to Rock pile to return rocks.

LBC x 40
Freddie Mercury x 30
Russian Hammer x 30


-ManRam is on the verge of 40, F3 Skydiving in the works to celebrate? Stay Tuned…

-Plenty of new workouts, Check the website.

Prayer Requests for Family Friends of ManRam who lost daughter
Closing Prayer courtesy of Ernie