Fresh off of being made to watch Disney’s Teen Beach Movie twelve times a day by YHC2.0, and perhaps continuing the theme from F3’s own Dawn Patrol workout, YHC decided that a sand themed workout would be…nice.

Five PAX gathered in the cool gloom, curious why YHC was not wearing the appropriate footwear for the usual beatdown. YHC has been dreaming of utilizing the four sand volleyball courts since the North Cary Park site became a reality. As is F3 custom, dreams don’t just become reality, we MAKE them a reality.

A little lingo: “volleyball” = 25lb medicine ball and “six pack” = concrete paver. Not sure how they got there, but we are glad they came.

So we sauntered off through the park to the sand…where we stayed. The entire time.

The Thang:

Warm up: SSHx20, IWx15, Windmill x 15.

Suicide ladder, in the sand using two courts, four lines total.

a quick round of beach “volleyball” with each man squat throwing the ball over the net a few times.

Lunge walk suicides, with a run at the end.

Mosey over to the other two courts for a relay race with the six packs. One man held a squat with the volleyball over his head while the others ran around the two courts with the six packs overhead until all pax had cycled through the squat hold.

bear crawl suicides. Those of you who think bear crawls are amazing should try them in the sand. THAT is amazing. #bertcheated.

Partner Plank Derkins. grab a buddy. buddy performs a plank. Do a derkin off of buddy’s back while he planks. x10 x15 x10 with 10 squats in between.

peoples chair x10, merkin x10. repeat x2.

pass the beer. High plank in a line, passing two six packs right to left…left to right.

More people’s chair.

run back to court one. Karaoke and butt kickers around the court.

decline pass the beer.

Mary: LBCx33, LBCx5 (just for fun), Rosadolly x15, very high, very sLOW flutter x10, WWII x 20. Plank x50, Sarkozy x25, Putin x25.


We stayed in the area the size of four courts, yet YHC thinks the workout was intense. His calves think the same thing at the moment. Tclaps to the PAX who endured the dream being made real.

MYHC was none too happy with the amount of sand returning home, the rest of the pax probably endured the same, especially since they all refused to remove their approved footwear. #tenderfeet.

Howard is going on a cruise. We expect backblasts from your daily posts. He then returns to launch F3 in the Quay. Raleigh Pax are encouraged to remember Howard’s faithful attendance at every one of our locations when considering posting to at least three Southern Wake beatdowns. #thereislifeoutsidethebeltline.

Party on!