9 PAX (including 1 FNG) brought their A-game this morning to get their morning downPAINment on the day

The course for today was counterclockwise around east campus, with several stops along the way (each gap in this post is more running)

Warm-up: SSH x20, merkins x10, mountain climbers x20, arm circles, stretches
Plyometrics: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, shuffle, bounding, q4 high knee L, q4 high knee R

Derkins on the wall x10
Wall jumps x10

Found a set of stairs: R leg hop, L leg hop, bunny hop, rinse & repeato

Local playground – long circuit – start at monkey bars, every other bar do pull up then climb along to next bar (ended up with about 7 pull-ups along each set), then walking lunges (lounges) for 20ish yards, jog over to the platform for 10 box jumps, 10 wall sits – then sprint around the rock circle… it was probably about 200 yards around back to the start – do that circuit 4 times as fast as possible

plank/derkin combos – 1 partner in bows/toes plank while another does 10 derkins off their back, switch then repeato
we then had a failed attempt at a human centipede style group merkins – all lined up in single file, legs on the shoulders behind you… we managed to get 3 merkins and several odd stares before it broke down…

oddly placed construction site with lots of heavy blocks – bicep curls, top shelves, tricep extensions, kettle swings, goblet squats, rotations, bicep curls

back at the beginning for COT (no time for Mary)

– welcome to FNG Jeff, now known as Domo (yes, like arigato mr roboto)
– the human centipede merkin didn’t work like YHC had hoped… back to the drawing board…
– playing softball after an F3 workout with only 1 outfielder definitely makes the pain that much worse
– t-claps to Paparazzi, who did 100merkins straight (and for the F3 praise he was dishing out)
– long live the CPOB (community plate of bacon)