It was a cool Saturday morning when 22 Pax showed up in parking lot including 3 FNG’s for a not so FNG friendly beat down.

Warm up:  SSH*15, Imperial Walkers*15, High Knee Burpees (compliments of Abacus last Q) * 10 Folks were already slowing down, Cross X Merkins *10

Double Line Bear Crawl Indian Run whereby everyone bear crawls up a hill and the rear 2 sprint running backwards up, down and back to the front to…bear crawl some more.  A female security guard took notice and couldn’t help but ask “What are you training for”  to which rumor says Steroid replied “The Apocalypse”

Burpee relay with rice bags.  3 groups, one at the bottom of the hill, one in the middle running with rice bags to and fro and one at the top.  If you are not carrying rice bags then you are doing burpees! Flap Jack and repeat till everyone gets to run up and down the hill with rice.

“Walk the Balls” inspired by an F3 Charlotte video I reviewed, Everyone’s feet on the rails and we walk as one to the left and back to the right followed by merkins*5.  Repeato again for effect.

Group was given a choice to do a Chong Li pyramid or do my pyramid with burpees.  Majority rules and its the Chong Li Special- Dips*15, Incline Merkins*15, Sitting Knee ups*15 for 3 sets

Circuit with 5 pain stations:

Station 1: All exercises with rice bags.  Hack squat shoulder press*8, Alternating Shoulder press each side*8, Good Mornings*8, and Abd leg swings each side*8

Station 2: Partner bicep/tricep combo*8 with PVC pipes followed by Hanging Jack Knife*8

Station 3: Up the 6 flights of stairs with rice bags and back down, followed by jump ups*8

Station 4: Jog to the bridge and bear crawl across

Station 5: Starting at the gazebo.  Pullups*8, Merkins*8, Squats*8 then bear crawl across bridge and jog back to Group 1.

Final evolution is the now infamous “Guantanamo Burpee Circle”.  Circle up, jump over the next person and perform a burpee and repeat until travel the entire circle.  Next man gets up and moves down around the circle.  Meanwhile everyone else does alternating superman and banana position. Total of 22 Burpees for 22 men!

WWII situps in cadence*50.  Tecumseh starts laughing from situp #24-#50.

Round robin 6 inch leg hold for 5 second count each member. Done.

Thanks gents for allowing me to start 1 minute early and finish 1 minute late.  If you only knew what else I had planned if given more time….